If you are a hotel, an apartment provider a guesthouse, a hostel or any other accommodation provider in Budapest you have a single goal: happy guests who will return in the near future and who will recommend your place to friends and family. 


But how can you make them remember you? Do you give them a business card or a flyer? This will most likely be lost or thrown out. Why don't you give them a unique souvenir, a memorable gift that they will keep and play with for a long time. Read more...

What we offer

You can order a minimum of 500 or 1,000 memory games.


HUF 395/game + VAT for 1,000 games

HUF 495/game + VAT for    500 games

The price includes the graphical work for adapting the box to your needs and the creation of the 5 memory cards displaying your property from already existing photos. Read more...


Ordering is simple. Please contact us via phone or email.


We will then discuss with you the content on the box and will help you select the pictures for the 5 memory cards.

We will send you the graphics for approval before printing. Production takes between 1-2 weeks. We will deliver the finished games to you free of charge (within Budapest). Read more...


The perfect souvenir for your guests!

Budapest Memory Game was created as a souvenir for visitors to our beautiful city. Accommodation providers can give this small gift to their guests on their departure as a thank you for their stay, encouraging them to visit very soon again.

The game can be fully customised to the needs of the accommodation provider.


30 beautiful photographs of Budapest and 5 extra photographs of your accommodation can be added to the game. In addition, the box can carry logos, promotion codes and additional text according to your ideas.


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The perfect gift for your guests



Andrássy út 7
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